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Nizza - one of the newest DOCG’s in Italy

By Simon Barnaby 19.01.23

‘Nizza’ is one of the newest DOCG’s in Italy and has been established to recognise the unique micro climate, the hilly landscape and soil (terroir) in the World Heritage town of Nizza Monferatto and the 18 specific communes that surround the town.

These unique characteristics allows the Barbera grape to develop in such a way that it is possible for skilled producers to create world class wines. Nizza wines have great personality and are generally ruby red in colour, full bodied, with flavours of red fruits, slightly spicy and velvety smooth.

There are two ‘Nizza’ wine styles and they have some of the most stringent production rules and regulations in the wine world, which are similar to those for nearby Barolo and Barbaresco!

The two styles are:

  • Rosso 100% Barbera - minimum 18 months aging, including 6 months in barrel.
  • Riserva (Rosso) 100% Barbera - minimum 30 months aging, including 12 months in barrel.

The Minimum alcohol levels are 13.0% or 13.5% if a vineyard name appears on the label.

Region: Piedmont (Piemonte) Italy

History: Originally a subzone of the Barbera d’Asti DOCG; became a separate DOCG in 2014

Vineyard Area: 250 ha / 620 acres (2015)

Production: 8,750 hl / 97,300 cases (2017)

Principal Red Grape Varieties: Barbera

The Wine Styles:

  • Rosso 100% Barbera
  • Riserva (Rosso) 100% Barbera

Significant Production Rules:

Production zone: 18 communes of Nizza Montferrato:
Agliano Terme, Belveglio, Bruno, Calamandrana, Castel Boglione, Castelnuovo Belbo, Castelnuovo Calcea, Castel Rocchero, Cortiglione, Incisa Scapaccino, Moasca, Mombaruzzo, Mombercelli, Nizza Monferrato, Rocchetta Palafea, San Marzano Oliveto, Vaglio Serra, and Vinchio

Minimum alcohol level: 
13.0% or 13.5% if a vineyard name appears on the label

For Rosso minimum 18 months, including 6 months in barrel. For Riserva, minimum 30 months, including 12 months in barrel.

Comparison of the rules for Barbera d’Asti DOCG and for Nizza DOCG.

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